This is a hymn based on Psalm 1 that goes with my sermon on that text. The hymn may be sung to any tune that fits the C.M.D. meter. My personal preference would be a traditional English melody called Forest Green. Here’s a YouTube link to a choir singing O Little Town of Bethlehem to that tune.

(This hymn may be used freely with my permission for non-profit purposes.)


How Blest Our Savior Who Walked Not

How blest our Savior who walked not
In counsel full of sin
Nor stood in wicked paths nor sat
In seat of scornful men.
But his delight was God’s Law
And in that holy word
He meditated day and night
And treasured what he heard.

This Savior, he was like a tree
Firm planted in the ground.
Beside the water’s flowing streams
Full sustenance he found.
He brought forth fruit in season.
His leaves saw no decay
And when the time had fully come
God prospered all his way.

Ungodly men are not like this
But like the chaff they fly
Before the wind that drives them forth
And, waterless, they die.
Such men, therefore, shall not stand
When Judgment Day is come
Nor unbelievers in the throng
That lauds the righteous One.

All praise to God the Father!
All praise to God the Son!
The Father has received our Lord.
Christ has the victory won!
The righteous Man has triumphed.
God has approved his way.
But all who do not know the Son
Shall perish in his day.