Well, I don’t know if anyone stops by here anymore. But in case you do, here’s a brief update. I’m tired again. The fatigue started coming back over a year ago. I thought it would go away after a month or two, as it has in the past. It didn’t.

Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to be an interim pastor at the church where we were members. And I candidated to be the new pastor. That didn’t work out. And the way it didn’t work out made it impossible for us to stay at that church.

We looked around at other churches in the area. But they are all so … suburban. I’m tired of the suburban church. If I could find a church in the suburbs that was interested in shedding its suburban character, I might be interested. But for the most part they’re not only in the suburbs, they’re of the suburbs. (The one exception was Pathway CRC in Olathe, KS. There at least they’re struggling against their suburban identity a bit. That’s not the church we’ve ended up at, but we respect what they’re doing.)

I doubt any church sets out to be an upper middle class white church. But that’s where most Reformed churches end up. We all make choices.

So as I say, I’m looking to make a break from the suburban church. And it has become apparent that the suburban church does not have a great deal of zeal to use my ministerial gifts.

Putting all that together, it seems to add up to this. The Reformed and Presbyterian churches do not, for the most part, have a place where they feel they can use my gifts. We may be coming to a parting of the ways. I have other thoughts and concerns that may be tending to the same conclusion. I’ll talk about those if I have time and energy, and if there’s anyone out there still interested and listening.

Meanwhile, as I regroup and rethink, the time has come to pay for another year for my web site http://bettercovenant.org/. I have decided not to spend the money. If you want any of that material, grab it before March 5, 2008. If you didn’t read this in time, I apologize.

That’s all for now.